It is said that goodbye is the hardest. That is so very true.

As I write this last post, I feel bitter sweet, sad, thankful, overwhelmed and many other emotions, but mostly I feel grateful.

Marley’s Hope started out as a dream- a chance to make the lives of other dogs as amazing as what my girl Marley’s was. Dogs who were neglected, hurt, old or young. We did not care, all were welcomed under the wings we offered.

Today, is the ending of a chapter, a chapter that could not have been in the book that was written, called Marley’s Hope.

I am grateful to each single person who helped us along the way…to those who helped make the lives of dogs, better, just like Marley’s hope. A better life, thousands of dogs had this opportunity.

Thank you so much to Hannah, Kelly, Sophia and Christine, Carol, Tracey, Lana, Emily, Sandra, there are just so many…I hate to even mention names, knowing that I will forget some. Without this support, love, friendship and dedication, we could not have done what we did.

To each of the shelter volunteers, thank you…thank you for the long days, the longer nights and all that happened in between. Thank you for answering the call.

To our fosters, thank you for opening not only your home, but your heart too. You gave them all a safe place to land. Thank you ❤

To you, our followers and supporters. Thank you for always answering the call. Every single time. When we needed help, you were there.

Thank you to the other local rescues who mentored, supported and encouraged. To the businesses that helped, Playful Paws, Camp Bow Wow, Jolly Tails, Hope for Wildlife, and many others, thank you.

Thank you to the staff at Complete Care Hospital for Pets, for being our partner, many tears, smiles and laughs were had along the way…we could not have done it without your patience, support and understanding. Your kindness never only extended to the pets, it was offered to us as well, some life long friends were made and forever I am grateful.

I could go on and on, but honestly, I feel just overwhelmed. I will miss Marley’s Hope, but it is time. Our people are tired and need time to live their lives and focus on their families. Me included.

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written- but I know two things.

I am not done. I feel my life is meant to be here to help, and help I will. And, we will be back…just a bit different than we are now.

Please don’t go far, we will be off line for the summer until the winter and then, we will be back…just in a different way. Marley’s Hope will cease to be, but our desire to help those who can’t help themselves will never go away. We just need time to heal, to reconnect and to find our new purpose.

Again, thank you to each and every one who has helped us…I will raise a glass tonight and send out my prayer for a new start soon.

– Darlene