Spirit of Max – The Spay & Neuter and Re-homing Project

An initiative of Marley’s Hope

The Spirit of Max is named after Max- our strongest and smallest little fighter. Max’s shear strength and will to live, despite all of his physical health issues exemplifies exactly what spirit dogs have. A determination to be happy, live in the moment and never worry about what once was. Max is thriving in the care of his foster family and is enjoying every second of his life.So what is the Spirit of Max Project? We have partnered with Sipekne’katik Band to help rehome roaming dogs as well as launch a free neuter/spay program. We have secured a shelter at 3288 Hwy #7, Lake Echo that will house any dogs that are unowned and unwanted. Here we will vet them and put them up for adoption. But we cannot do this alone.We need your help- Volunteers will be needed to work at the new shelter (opening September 2015). We will also need volunteers for the spay and neuter portion we will be doing, as well as assistance with the vaccination/registration program that will be ramping up in coming weeks. If you are interested in being a Marley’s Hope volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page